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Becoming A True Leader

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Posted on: 13th Nov 2014
  Being a true leader does not only mean having the title but
providing excellent service.
 A true leader means providing hope through the services that you
 If you wish to become a true leader, you need to know how to find
the best way, go through that chosen way and show the way to
 Being a leader does not mean that you have to do everything so
that you can get all the credit.

  Empower other people and you will be considered as a true leader
by your constituents.
 Mold yourself to become a true leader by molding consensus and
not just searching for it.
 Obtain results and become a good leader because leadership goes
way beyond giving speeches.
 If you want to be distinguished as a leader and not a follower then
you have to be innovative.

  Do not position yourself as the god of other but as a chief that they
can follow towards the path of greater good and success.
 If you are productive then expect your team to be productive too.
 If you want to become a leader, then you need to start thinking
about the solutions. But if you wish to become a follower then you
can continue whining about the problems.
 If you are a mere follower, you just need to handle yourself. But if
you want to become a leader then you need to handle others using
your heart.
 Managing people means you have to motivate them and help them
reach their full potential.

  Being a leader means making sure that the ladder is place towards
You need to be efficient if you want yourself and your team to
become successful.
Being responsible is important when it comes to being a good
 You have to influence others towards doing the good things and not
by ordering them to follow your every command.

 Wanda Rawlins
[email protected]

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