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Blogging in 2014 - Strategies to get you started

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Posted on: 5th Jan 2014
Successful Blogging Strategies

  • Why?
  • Who?
  • How?
  • What?

Why are you Blogging?
Start by knowing your strategic objectives. What do you want to achieve from your blog? What role does it play in your social media marketing strategy?

Benefits of blogging
Some of the biggest benefits of blogging for business include:
Search Engine Optimization
Traffic to your Website
Thought Leadership
Informal Communication Space
Hub of Social media Activity
Engage Customers
Build Relationships
Build Your Brand Equity and Positioning

Who Will Read it?
Based on your strategy determine who your target audience is.

What do they want?
Spend time discovering what they are interested in and what do they share online?

Develop a theme
Create a general theme or premise for your blog.  What is the tagline?  What is the unique positioning of your blog that will make people want to read it?

Set up a blog
Set up your blog. You can add a blog to your website as a tab.
Create an interesting header graphic that shows the theme of the blog and customize your sidebar with calls to action to drive blog visitors to become customers.

What will you post?
Who will post what and when?  Create a content calendar.
Write Catchy headlines.  The headline must grab attention or nobody will read it.
Break up your content.  People don't want to read long boring text.  Use headers, numbers, bullets to break up your content and keep it interesting.

Promote your blog or nobody will hear you!

  • Use Social media to spread the word
  • Promote it prominently on your site
  • Use it in your email newsletter
  • Think Search Engines and help your blog be found
Blogging Matters

Blogging is one of the top things that brands and businesses can do to grow online.
Don't just launch a blog. Take the time to do it RIGHT with a strategy that gets results.
Be consistent and be patient in waiting for results.

Wanda Rawlins - 12SC Team

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