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Link Popularity Campaign

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Posted on: 1st Oct 2013

How to start your link popularity campaign
and build your links the right way.

Backlinks (otherwise referred to as "incoming links") are links that originate from another website and link to your website. Obtaining backlinks is one of the most important steps you need to take in order to raise your search engine ranking. It's also important to know that the quality (relevance and ranking) of the links
that come to your will affect your score. Starting a link popularity
campaign is a great way to attract more links to your website.

There are many ways to go about getting backlinks. One of them is by
posting another website's link on your website. Make sure that you are
posting something that is truly relevant to your website content and
preferably links back to a site that is highly ranked by the search

When you do this, the owner of the site you post will likely also
place your site on his website. This is called "reciprocal linking" and,
while it's better than no linking at all, you don't want to have only
reciprocal links. First of all, they are not as effective as one-way links,
and second of all, you are giving your website visitors the opportunity to
click off of your site and on to something else.

In order to get one-way links, you can buy them from a link building
service, ask for them from other webmasters, or create exceptional
content that others will naturally want to link to in order to provide more
value to their visitors. Exceptional content is the key to natural link
building. However, you may need to use other methods to push your link
popularity campaign alone a little bit.

It's also very important to regularly monitor your website's link
popularity. This can be done quickly and easily with a number of free
online tools. You always want to have an idea of where your website
stands, what strategies are working for you and which one's aren't.

Finally, this may seem obvious but if you are committed to link building,
you need to continuously put your website link in front of people. This
doesn't mean that you need to be spammy or overly promotional. But
you should find outlets where you can offer advice, provide solutions or
bring up questions about the business that you are in. Make sure that
you look for forums, blogs and sites that allow you to include your
link whenever you participate. This will create interest and links if you
are participating in the right way.

Remember, top quality content is the foundation to getting high quality
links to your website. If you keep that in mind at all time you will have no
trouble getting other site owners to link to your website.

Building backlinks to your website is one of the most important activities that you can do when it
comes to improving your SEO (search engine optimization) and search
engine rank.

So, if you've been diligently working on a link building campaign, you're also
probably curious to figure out how many of your links have been
detected by the various search engines. Today I am going to show you
a simple method that you can use to do a backlink check using Yahoo.

There are many things that go into the result of your website's final
score, but webmasters do know one fact for sure. Something that will
really bring up your website in rank is having a lot quality backlinks
coming from other sites to yours.

If you have other sites linking to you, then it must mean that you have valuable information that should be ranked highly. If your site is ranked high, it means that you will come up first in the search engines when someone does a search for whatever term that is relevant to your website. This translates to you getting more
traffic, more sales and more income.

Once you have applied some of the different methods of acquiring
backlinks, like: submitting to directories, requesting links, submitting to
article directories, etc. you will want to know if all of your hard work is
paying off and you will definitely want to keep track of your progress.

One simple way to do that is to check your backlinks on Yahoo. To do
that you just type in "site:www.yoursitename.com" into the Yahoo
search engine. Then click "web search".

When you look at the results you will see a button that says "Inlinks". Just
click on this button and you will see the details about the links that are
coming to you. If you want to filter the results even further to make sure
you are viewing only the links from other websites, then just click on the
drop-down menu that says "from all pages" and change it to "except
from this domain".  This will show you all of the links that are coming to
you. You can play around with the other drop-down options as well.

 To get more detail on the links, just click the explore button next to each
link or on each the links themselves and check the keywords that are
being linked to this can also give you more information about what
keywords are working well and more popular and how to go about your
future link building efforts.

Of course there are many other ways that you can check your progress,
but this is a simple way that you can do a backlink check on Yahoo. By
doing this on a regular basis you will be able to keep an eye on how
your link building campaign is doing.

Wanda Rawlins - 12SC Team

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