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Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Facebook Page Fans

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Posted on: 23rd Mar 2014
One of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook likes is through the use of Facebook Ads, which allow you to target specific demographics, which means it will allow you to bring the traffic you desire to your page. 
Do not confuse Facebook Ads with Google Ads, because they are not the same. Google Ads will show up when a person actively searches your keyword(s). They will usually want to know what you are offering at that time, which elicits a click that is relevant to their search.

Facebook Ads dont work that way. A Facebook Ad shows up when a person is browsing their News Feed so they likely dont have any intent to purchase from you at that time. That means you must offer incentives to drive clicks on the Facebook Ad using one of the three methods coupons, contests, or ebooks.

These Facebooks ads let you target those who havent already likes your page. You can even include a like button right on your ad. You can use the basic format Like us to (insert what theyll receive). You can drive Likes based on the incentive.

 Here are a few you can use:

* Like us and get your Free Guide to Growing Your Facebook Business
* Like us to get an Exclusive 20% Off coupon
* Like us to win a $200 Marketing Consultation
* Like us and enter to win a trip to Vegas draw every 3 months

Facebook Ads are also much more affordable than Google Ads. That means even if you have a very low budget you can take advantage of Facebook Ads. If you want to know more about using Facebook Ads and how to setup your Facebook Ad campaign, Facebook has an in-depth section on how to set up your campaign, so you shouldnt have too much trouble.
Your goal with your Facebook Page is to grow your Likes and your fan base. To do that you need to take advantage of the many tools that can help you to create a powerful Facebook Ad.

Facebook ads are still one of the most misunderstood opportunities to grow your Facebook Page and increase your targeted traffic and your likes. The rest is up to you. With the use of strong posts that engaging your followers you can increase your reach further and continue to grow your Page.

Wanda Rawlins - 12SC Team Moderator


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