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   Caring for a Chinchilla [Oct. 03, 2015 08:33AM]   
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Chinchillas are prized for their fur, and if you ever touch one, you'll know why. Their fur is extremely fine and soft, even more so than rabbit fur. If you are

interested in a chinchilla for a pet, there are some things you'll need to know. Here are some tips for caring for a chinchilla.


Unlike some other small, domestic mammals, ...

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   Behavior Challenges and Training Tips for Your Ferret [Aug. 30, 2015 04:22PM]   
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 Just as with any other pet, ferrets can be a challenge at times. Your ferret children will need your guidance and proper training in order to resolve behavior

challenges. With these training tips and some good old-fashioned gumption, you will have your ferret behaving like the charming little darling that you know it can.


Ferrets will bite in just the same way that kittens will and dogs do. They are no different, regardless of stories you have heard about ferrets biting more than a ...

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   Caring for Your Ferret [Aug. 05, 2015 05:13PM]   
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Once you have made the decision to be the pet owner of a ferret, you need to educate yourself about its care and needs. Just as you would gather information about how

to feed, bathe, and care for a puppy or kitten, you need to be well informed about your pet ferret. http://www.12path.com/777002939363

Feeding Routine

Ferrets tend to have a very high metabolism and, as such, need to be fed frequently. It is a good idea to have a bowl of dry cat food available at all times for your ...

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   Ferret Health [Jul. 30, 2015 09:59PM]   
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Just as you would discuss your new kitten or newly adopted puppy with the veterinarian, you would discuss the health and welfare of your new ferret kit. It is very

important to have an open discussion with questions at the ready for your veterinarian regarding your new ferret.  http://www.onlinesuccesstoolsyoucanuse.com

There are issues such as injury and vaccinations that you will have to be well informed about before bringing your new pet home.  ...

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   How To Ferret Proof Your Home [Jul. 23, 2015 05:14PM]   
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One of the most important things to keep in mind while you are ferret proofing your home is that you are not only keeping your home safe, but you are also keeping your

ferret safe.  http://www.12path.com/777002939363

Ferret kits are very curious and extremely energetic. They love to dig, hide, and scamper. A ferret loves to hide in small spaces. Plastic bags can be a hazard to

ferrets, as they simply adore the crinkly sound of the plastic when it moves. ...

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   Is a Ferret Right for You? [Jul. 08, 2015 04:27PM]   
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Many individuals wrongly think that a ferret is part of the rodent family. As a matter of fact, ferrets belong to the adorable mink, otter, and badger family. A ferret

is a perfect pet if you know all that you need to know ahead of time. Just like any other pet, there are things specific to ferrets which you need to be aware of.  http://www.12path.com/710084226734


Ferrets are good tempered and need the help of humans in order to thrive and survive. Ferrets are not aggressive if they are taught properly. Just as with a puppy, ...

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   10 Most Common Species Of Parrots [Jul. 02, 2015 06:58AM]   
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With some 350 different species of parrots out there you might be thinking, what are the most common types of parrots? And what makes them different from each other? Well, we have compiled a list of the ten most common types of parrots out there. You'll probably recognize a lot of the names, but now you'll know what makes them different.

1. Cockatiels. These are small parrots that ...

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   Life Stages of A Parrot [Jun. 27, 2015 06:12PM]   
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Baby Parrot
So you have a little hatchling. Baby parrots are born completely blind and naked. In the wild a baby parrot is fed regurgitated food by his parents. Human breeders will feed the baby parrot formula through a syringe injected into his mouth. The formulas contents will vary from species to species. But it should closely resemble the regurgitated food a parrot would get in the wild from his parents.

Imprinting Parrots...

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   Common Parrot Health Issues [Jun. 26, 2015 04:50PM]   
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When it comes to parrots there are some common health issues you will have to watch out for. But with good care for your parrot you will have a bird who's with you for a very long time. So here's what health issues to look out for and how to avoid them and properly care for your parrot.

First things first, with over 350 different species of parrots I can't possibly tell ...

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   Having a Happy Parrot Home [Jun. 24, 2015 05:01PM]   
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It's important to keep your parrot happy. A happy parrot makes for a happy home. If you have an angry parrot, then everyone's just going to be miserable. So here's how to keep your parrot happy in your home.

Five Ways To A Happy Parrot

1. Flight space. Your parrot needs to be able to stretch his wings. Remember, this is an exotic bird that use to roam free. Even if you have a domesticated parrot he needs to spread his wings. A large cage is nice, but even better is an area indoors that you can regularly let him out to soar. He can feel free and that will make him happy. Give him his own perch or even play trees or stands to make your parrot feel more like he's in his natural environment. A ...

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