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   From Ponds to Vegetable Gardens: Natural Landscaping at Its Most Creative [Oct. 03, 2015 08:37AM]   
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Natural landscaping does not just involve plants, ferns, trees, and shrubs. Natural landscaping incorporates ponds, streams, and even gardens of various types - both

fruit and vegetable.

Different Bodies of Water

If you ask anyone about creating an oasis in their backyard, chances are great that they will incorporate the vision of a pond or waterfall into their design. The fact

is that most individuals will always desire a body of water in their backyard design as it provides soothing tranquility and peace of mind.


Ponds are an excellent way to incorporate natural landscaping into your backyard or even your front yard. A pond that is properly executed will allow nature to take

its course and let the fish, plants, and water live harmoniously together.

Typically some gravel and a pump and filter are all that is required for a properly run pond. Fish, plants, and bacteria can all co-exist in order to maintain healthy

relationships amongst themselves.

Adults and children of all ages just adore a well-done fishpond on their property.


In addition, who does not love a waterfall - no matter how big or small. Waterfalls are attractive everywhere from restaurants and hotels and incorporated right into

your own backyard pool.

Not only do waterfalls provide beauty for the eyes, they are soothing and pleasing to listen to as well. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a waterfall

running through, in or around another body of water or just by itself.


Imagine walking into your backyard and hearing the sounds of a stream as it runs on by towards its goal. Streams are part of natural landscaping as well, and are loved

by many homeowners.

You can incorporate a stream running through your natural landscape of plants and vegetation to complete the picture.

Vegetable Gardens

The latest in natural landscaping is the raised bed vegetable garden. Excellent drainage, healthy soil, and proper nutrients are just a few of the benefits of a raised

vegetable bed garden.

Eating organic food right from your backyard speaks for itself. Not only will you help Mother Nature by planting, you will also save money, time, and eat healthier

than ever with these types of vegetable gardens.

Depending on what your likes, needs, and desires are, you can create the most beautiful yard customized to your taste.


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