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Dave Kelly  here, I am  a pastor and an internet marketer. I live in Jamaica West Indies. I have been online over four years, my main focus is affiliate marketing.

My objective is to assist people to earn an income online.

Looking forward to working with you to your success.

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   Signs That Your Online Date May Be THE ONE [Oct. 19, 2016 02:16AM]   
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Online dating sites have become a huge business over the last few years for many reasons. Some of these dates that come from online contact have been very successful, even going on to culminate in a marriage while others continue to be one failure after another. Many people start feeling as if they should just give up. But before you do that, consider that there are some ways to tell if your online date might possibly be The One. 


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    Signs Youre Not Ready For A Relationship [Oct. 19, 2016 02:09AM]   
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Many people are so busy focusing on finding someone to be in a relationship with that they miss the fact that they’re not actually ready to be involved with anyone right then. It may seem that anyone would realize that they don’t really want to be involved with someone, but that’s not always true. There may, instead, be a craving of sorts to have someone in your life and someone that you can share things with. That’s not, however, the same thing as being ready to be in a relationship. ...

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    Simple Can Be Romantic Too [Oct. 19, 2016 02:03AM]   
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Romance is one of those things that guys like to show off on a special occasion. Unfortunately, for most guys, the only occasion that they actually pick to show how romantic they are is Valentine’s Day, and all other men in the world are doing the exact same thing. If you are really looking to move forward in your relationship by showing your partner just how romantic you can be, then you shouldn’t be holding it off for that one day out of the year. Sometimes you just need to surprise your partner with something romantic to show them you still care....

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    Single And Loving It [Oct. 18, 2016 01:24AM]   
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It seems that ever since there have been males and females walking the earth that they all try to find their perfect mates and pair up. Even in the time of cave men and women, there were couples that hooked up and became mates. As time went on, girls were married off as young as 13 or 14 years old, usually because of the short life expectancy of the era. That gradually turned the ages for getting married into later ones. Now, it seems that even 25 year olds may not be mature enough for that type of a commitment. ...

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    Sometimes You Have To Leave To Be Happy [Oct. 15, 2016 05:01AM]   
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While more and more families are supporting their gay members, there are still quite a few that just refuse to accept the lifestyle that their relatives are involved in. Ignorance abounds when it comes to the many blows that are dealt to gay members of society. Most people still feel that being gay is something that is chosen, and they refuse to accept the reality that the majority of gay people were simply born that way, just as straight people are. Lately, a rather prominent actress stated publically that she “chose” to be gay, which isn’t helping the plight of kids that need to come out to their parents. However, there’s another option for many gay people that don’t get the support and ...

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