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  My girlfriend and I have 9 kids and 14 grandkids.  We work online and are always learning as well as teaching and helping others how to earn a living from any where in the world.  There are no get rich secrets out there.  It all takes work and dedication, nothing happens by itself.  Good luck in all your marketing efforts and if there is anything we can do to help you let us know and we will find the answer.  Most questions can be answered in the FAQ of a site.  What ever you do always read everything about what your involved in and learn all you can so you will be able to help others also.  The more you know the more success you will have, so learn your new business inside and out.

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   Wanted to let you know about photos [Sep. 13, 2013 02:21AM]   
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Hello again:

   This will be a short post,  I just wanted to bring your attention to the right side of the page where it says photo albums.  I will be adding pictures there from time to time but will be more than not.  I enjoy photography and watching the birds and squirrels that come by to eat everyday. I get some nice shots so thought that I would share some of them here on my blog.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Have a great day and remember there are no quick get rich buttons out there and there is no secrets to marketing on line.  It takes hard work dedication and you will come out on top.  If I can ever help you just let me know and I will do all I can to help.  Gem's may be precious, but friends are priceless.  I always have room for more friends so don't be afraid to say hi.




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