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Welcome to my Blog - My Name is Scott.

It's my goal and mission to provide you with tools and resources to help you with your business or everyday life.

I firmly believe in connecting with people to build trust.  Let's connect. Shoot me an email or write a comment.

To your success


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   What others are saying about SFI!! [Aug. 28, 2015 12:49AM]   
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I am so happy I found SFI, because I've met a lot of different people with great ideas. SFI also helps you learn step-by-step how to run your own business. They even have items you can purchase for your store. I greatly appreciate SFI."

Ranardia Newman United States...


   One of your greatest assets: Your Identity! [Aug. 27, 2015 05:17AM]   
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Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience. It can happen to ANYONE at ANY time.



    TripleClicks "Song-of-the-Month" Contest is in Full Swing!! [Aug. 26, 2015 02:05AM]   
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If you know or are a musical artist then enter our contest and win prizes, sell DVD's at our store, and much more. All for FREE.

To check it out CLICK HERE.

Thank You...


   Uber-Picks NCAA Football is here! [Aug. 26, 2015 02:01AM]   
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We’re excited today to announce that Uber-Picks is now ready for NCAA Football (American football) fans!...


   Why You Need 12SC to Build any Business or Make Money Online!! [Aug. 19, 2015 03:14AM]   
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Here is a List of what you get and why you need it. Working online and making money online is what we do.

Online Tools-We include all the mandatory online tools you need to build any business...


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