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  My girlfriend and I have 9 kids and 14 grandkids.  We work online and are always learning as well as teaching and helping others how to earn a living from any where in the world.  There are no get rich secrets out there.  It all takes work and dedication, nothing happens by itself.  Good luck in all your marketing efforts and if there is anything we can do to help you let us know and we will find the answer.  Most questions can be answered in the FAQ of a site.  What ever you do always read everything about what your involved in and learn all you can so you will be able to help others also.  The more you know the more success you will have, so learn your new business inside and out.

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While I was sitting here getting my blog set up for the first time we had some pretty good thunder and lightning storms.  I have my desk in front of a window and as I was and am working here on my new blog.  The thunder is roaring through the sky and bright flashes of lightning is all around.  I at times was thinking that this could be my last post as the lightning comes through the window and hits me.  No it didn't do that (yet) but it is still thundering and lightning so who knows.  Well if you don't see any more on my blog it will be most likely be because of the storm.  Talk to you soon.




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