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   The Tranquility of Natural Landscaping [Aug. 27, 2014 09:06AM]   
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If you were to do a compare and contrast of natural landscaping as opposed to a more planned out, traditional landscape, you would more than likely find that people are more drawn to natural landscaping.

The appeal of natural landscaping comes on many levels. Have you ever noticed a popular park smack in the middle of a big city, only to find that it is jam-packed with natural landscaping and jam-packed with visitors as well?

People of all ages come to parks filled with natural landscaping as opposed to the more conventional parks, because there is something tranquil about being there. Everyone, including small children, has the need to feel relaxed and peaceful and is drawn to those types of settings.

For many of us, natural landscaping offers us an opportunity to forget about stress for a while and reconnect with nature. It is an opportunity for us to be in touch with things that just exist in their own natural and beautiful settings.

Sometimes we all need to feel close to natural landscaping as it brings us closer to ourselves, to our dreams, and to what we remember that we really want out of this thing called life. Natural landscaping has a way of bringing this out in all of us. Natural landscaping offers us a place where a soothing stream flows, native vegetation grows, and shrubs, trees, and plants of all kinds, shapes, and sizes abound. We are just as diverse and in need of growth as our natural landscape environment.

Being close to this kind of setting brings about peace, rejuvenation, and regeneration in all of us.

Outdoor sports are often encouraged and incorporated with natural landscaping. Ice-skating outdoors, roller blading, walking and hiking trails are all located near and around natural landscaping such as streams, ponds, and native plants and shrubs.

Bird watching, photography lessons, picnics, and even weddings take place in settings surrounded by natural landscaping. Natural landscaping provides a natural element that cannot be copied by anyone else. Mother Nature has her own patent on natural landscaping.

Natural landscapes also provide excellent educational opportunities in a tranquil setting. Children can learn about habitats and ecosystems in a tranquil and soothing environment that is non-threatening and does not feel like your typical schoolroom. Even college students thrive better when they have an authentic natural landscape to study near.

Running water in the form of streams is a potent source of tranquility. What natural landscape scenario would be complete without such a backdrop? Natural landscape is sought after, designed, and chosen as the new wave in landscaping as just about everyone is looking to return to a simpler, more tranquil time.




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