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Affiliate Marketing Program Pitfalls
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Even though affiliate marketing is an excellent way
to earn money, there are several pitfalls that you'll
need to be aware of.  As long as people have been
earning money, people have also tried to figure out
how to earn more by doing a lot less.

All you need to do is a quick online search for 
"work from home" or "making easy money".  You'll
instantly find millions of websites, simply click
on a few and you'll notice that they all start off
the same.  You'll see a guy with a big house and
a lot of money saying if you sign up, this could be 
you - how far from the truth!

The only way you can earn a good, stable income is
to put in the hard work it takes.  Before you join
any affiliate program, you need to do the proper
research.  That's one of the best benefits of the
internet - finding the information you need.

All you need to do is search for the name of the
affiliate program that your intested in, adding
the word scam to it and see what pops up.  You
should also join some work from home forums, and
don't be afraid to ask the right questions.

There are a few ways that you can tell what 
program is most likely a scam.  If a program
doesn't tell you their compensation plan unless
you sign up, watch out.  A lot of programs won't
tell you what you'll be doing unless you buy a 
kit for a set price.

With any program, there should always be 100% free
disclosure.  You'll need to know what you are 
going to be doing before you even start.  If a
program doesn't tell you what you are going to be
doing or if you have to pay money first, you
should avoid it.

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