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   JUST LAUNCHED - Get 10% Click-Thru Rates on Your E-mails [Jan. 18, 2015 03:08PM]   
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Matthew Graves, and Phil Banks, have just blown the lid off of safelist, and viral mailer click
thru rates.

They just launched 10X Mailer, which has 12 tested, and proven processes, that no other
site uses, to make sure that your e-mails get noticed, opened, read, and clicked. Some of
the processes are obvious, and others are behind the scenes. Together, they allow
Matthew, and Phil, to guarantee a 10% click-thru rate, on all the e-mails, that their Gold
Premium Members send out.

I know what you are thinking, "There are other sites, that guarantee a certain number of
clicks per e-mail.", but that is missing one important point. Matthew, and Phil, are
guaranteeing "percentages", which as the site grows, means a lot more clicks, than sites
that just guarantee a set number.

When they have 2,500 members, their Premium Members, will be getting 250 clicks per
e-mail. 5,000 members, means 500 clicks per e-mail. Find another safelist, or viral mailer,
that can do those kind of numbers.

Matthew has been running mailers, and traffic exchanges, for over 13 years, and is a "mad
scientist", when it comes to results, and tracking. It took thousands of hours to figure out
all these conversion tricks. Now you get them for free, at 10X Mailer.

I almost forgot to mention, that the site also pays 40% commissions, directly from JV Zoo,
and Premium Members get their payments instantly, in their Pay Pal accounts. No waiting
for your cash. You get it, NOW!

With an experienced, and caring pair of owners, high converting traffic, and 40% instant
commissions, the time to join 10X Mailer is, NOW!






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