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How Is Empowr Different Than Other Social Networks?
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How Is Empowr Different Than Other Social Networks?

What would happen if social media had the ability to let people leverage their power for the greater good? A new social media platform,, is different than other social networks; but how is Empowr different? Instead of being just about profits, the Empowr social economy allows for users online presence be about gain.Data surrounding social media use has shown that the average user spends three hours a day connecting in some way through social media channels. While critics argue that this technological connectivity is making a negative impact on society, Empowr gives people the ability to create worthwhile connections and generate positive impact from their social media use.So much of our everyday lives is built around the online communities where we choose to share our content, spend our dollars, even earn our livings. Facebook and Twitter keep us connected to friends and strangers alike, while sites like eBay and Etsy help us earn income or find unique items to suit our needs. Everyday people become published content creators through sites like Blogger and WordPress. PayPal ties all of these sites together by creating a platform for our funds to come and go. But where do sites like Empowr fit in this online ecosystem? How does Empowr compare to the tools that communities of online users already understand and know?In many ways, Empowr returns control of the content to its creators. Too many online platforms function in a way that almost seems to expect their users to be grateful theyre allowed to participate in the discussion, but Empowr not only establishes control over content, it also helps users monetize their shared material. At the same time, Empowr helps charitable organizations benefit in the process through the actions of Empowr users.Its interesting that so many social networks have sprung to lifesome to fade into obscurity while others became Fortune 500 corporationsonly to reap billions of dollars in profits due to the activities of their users. Many platforms have opened their doors and invited in the Internet community, then sat back and let those users generate the shareable material that increases the sites popularity, both with the public and with advertisers. Even more confounding is the ability of those platforms to share users personal information for an even bigger profit.But Empowr is the first social network to let its users share in the ownership of the platform, so much so that at its current stage of growth the only way to access the site for new members is to request an activation code from a current user, ensuring that Empowr retains its purposes and goals of fostering positive change. Its corporate profits go back to the very people who made it successful in the first place, and it is these same users who decide where the control of the platform lies.Simply put, Empowr is the first social network that actually belongs to the people who make it great: the users.More Information:To learn more about the social network, visit the website at empowr.comBy: Carol JonesPublished: February 28, 2014
Best RegardsPerzina Munroe




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