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   Is Affiliate Marketing Working For You? [May. 05, 2018 02:53AM]   
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Affiliate marketing is HUGE and for good reason of course.
People LOVE the idea of promoting links for products and
services to earn commissions on their sales referrals.

And...they don't have to worry about creating their own product
or having to give customer support.

Great concept, BUT here lies the problem...

Many beginners and some seasoned pros as well don't build
their own email list when their promoting online.

BIG mistake! Why? Because an email list is a buyer's list!

Everytime you promote an affiliate link you are building
someone else's email list, especially when a person buys
from the vendor your promoting.

Yes you get your commission upfront but, you're also losing
out on the chance to build a relationship and the next sale.
A list of people who have bought products or services are
very likely to do so again.

Everytime you promote an affiliate link you are building
someone else's email list. So what can you do about it?

Use Good News List Pro of course!

Start Branding Yourself with your profile & promote Your links
Your Referrals Will Be Joining YOUR List First!
Autoresponder tips and tricks for success
Learn from 100 successful list building tips
Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside


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