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   I have a very exciting Pre-Launch Invite for you! [Oct. 29, 2018 02:08PM]   
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It is a High Quality, Top-Notch Program that could solve the main problem that plagues most online businesses - how to

help people refer and duplicate.

My good friend Klaus Biesel invited me.

His good friend Frank Hester (he is the official owner, and Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark, whom too I fully trust and regard highly, are an essential part of the development team)

is opening CryptoPros

You can join this NOW, during the Founders Pre-Launch

and be one of the first people worldwide to join

and be able to promote this Incredible Ad/Income Opportunity:


- 2x20 Personally Forced Matrix (creates massive income from depth)

- $2 Minimum Purchase ($30 minimum purchase during the Founders Pre-Launch)

- "Position Stacking" to create income leverage is allowed and ENCOURAGED!

- 100% Matrix Match on the matrix earnings of your direct referrals. This will create a BIG Income for active participants

- "PIF Pool" that allows members to Pay It Forward for random members.

This feature will act similar to a Guaranteed Ad Co-Op in that you can actually purchase referrals!

(this is a true "Killer App" that could help CP.biz to absolutely EXPLODE in membership and longevity!)

CryptoPros.biz will be perfect for the little guy with only $2 to get started

and with the 100% Matrix Match, will be fantastic for the leader/builder too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT join now unless you are able to purchase at least the minimum $30 Advertising Package.

That is the minimum participation level during the Founders Pre-Launch and will allow you to build your team before the general public.

You will be able to join for less than $30 (as little as $2) when the site goes live.

If you have more questions, just reach out to me via email or Skype,

and I will be glad to address any questions you may have!

While you fill out the form do not forget to insert my sponsor credientials:

Sponsor's Full Name:

Randy Seville

Sponsor's CryptoPros Username:


have some fun, make some money

and help others do the same!


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