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Oct. 15, 2014 02:05AM
The Job Hunting Process
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Hunting for a job can be a very competitive affair, so here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams.

Tip#1. Job Hunting Sources

Hunting for the perfect job for an individual requires time, effort and knowledge. Before starting your job hunting process know what type of job you would like to apply for. Massively attended job fairs that offer work not related to one's degree or work preference would be a waste of time. Once you consider your interests such as work location, job shifts and other pertinent factors, you can then begin the job hunting process with these preferences in mind....


Aug. 01, 2014 11:04PM
Is an Online Education Right for You?
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We live in the information age. We have become used to obtaining information at the speed of light.  The prospect of not having immediate access to a myriad amount of facts and figures with the click of a few buttons simply upsets many of us. It only makes sense that many people across the country and around the world embrace the idea of online learning and enjoy educational opportunities with  ...


May. 01, 2014 03:49AM
Great Resume Writing Books
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Resume writing is a difficult task. While you can research information online, or seek assistance from professional resume services, it is always helpful to have resources on hand that can assist in writing a new or rewriting your existing resume and/or cover letter. The following four listed books are can provide you with a wealth of information on resume writing. Each of these books can be found at or at your local bookstores and libraries.:

The first book you should consider is called ...


Apr. 29, 2014 01:06AM
Helpful Job Hunting Guide
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Hunting for the perfect job for an individual requires time, effort, knowledge and to help alleviate job-hunting stress, every individual must first consider the following pointers before starting your job hunting process: 



Apr. 28, 2014 11:28PM
Job Hunting Online
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There was a time when a person who wanted to find work had to buy a newspaper and look through the classified ads section.  The internet has changed all that by creating opportunities for people to work either in a different state or in another country. It has made the world a smaller place and is accessible for anyone with a computer to search for a job and apply to it. ...


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