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Autoresponders And Online Marketing Tools

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Posted on: 2nd August 2014, 9:09pm
All autoresponders are not created equally.
There are paid for versions and there are
free versions. The amount of money you pay
for a service has no bearing on how good
the service will be.

You simply need to be certain that the
autoresponder service that you choose
to use will provide you with all of the
features that you really need in order
for you to get the most out of it.

Your autoresponder is, after all your
connection to your list of customers
and potential customers. This really
is not a place where you can safely
cut corners.

When you are deciding on the autoresponder
that you will use for your email marketing
business, be certain that it has all of the
following features:

1.A personalization feature:
This is so important! You need to have the
ability to use the first names of your customers
and potential customers in all email correspondence
that you have with them.

Nobody wants to be, Dear Friend. The Internet
provides anonymity but nobody want to be that

2.The ability to send in either HTML or Plain Text format:
You want to be able to send your messages using both
formats rather than having to choose.

You can let the email programs of the recipients
choose which version of your email to provide to
your recipient.

If you can use HTML, you can use pictures, graphics
and other media that can help to sell your products
or service.

3.Provide Reports:
You need reports about your email marketing campaigns that can
help you fine tune them and make them more and more effective.
If you don't know what happened this time, you wont know what
needs to be tweaked for the next campaign.

With your free account you will receive all the tools, resources and
training you'll need to become an successful internet marketer and
you can use these Pro tools to market any legal online business.

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