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[Jun. 09, 2019 06:59PM]
It's been a long time!
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Hi folks,

It seems I have been away for a long time. I notice that my last post here was in March 2015, my goodness how time flies.

That post was about retirement - well, no I still haven't, but after that post I was preparing to go overseas in May-June 2015, and somehow when I got back life took over, with a lot of crazy things happening, in all aspects of my life, as I'm sure in yours too.  Then of course, on my arrival back home in June of 2015 I undertook to complete a "Master of Business Administration" a dream of mine for many years, and one which has taken up most of the last 4 years - would you believe it, a 12-month course turned into such a long haul.  There were some extensions and medical withdrawals and at one point I nearly gave up.  Then I gave myself a talking to (as you do) "you have wanted to complete this for so long and now that you nearly at the end you want to give up, no way!" So, here I am on my third last subject and all being well I should complete my MBA at the end of October this year. WooHoo!!

But before I finish off this little apologetic post, I would like to suggest that we all take some time out to reflect how busy we have been getting these past years and ask, what have we done and achieved during that time and have our actions and decisions really been meaningful? Have we taken the time to check-in with ourselves, our families, friends and others who might be in our circle of acquaintances?

A couple of months ago I received a message from our HR department saying that I had to take at least 7 weeks long service leave - well!  I have never been 'ordered' to take leave certainly not that long.  So, these past 4 weeks I have been on leave and finding plenty to do, which of course led me back here, I hadn't realised just how long ago I did post here. Even though I only work two days a week, and with study I don't seem to have the energy to get on to my blogs and other things. 

However, these past weeks have been reflective, and enjoyable, we went away for a couple of weeks which was fun and tiring at the same time. But that's another story for another post. I hope this hasn't been too disjointed - it is 1.30am!

I have in recent days made some decisions and I just hope I can hold myself to them, one is that I am going to make every effort to write on my blogs regularly. So I hope to see you back again. Thanks for reading.

Lola Radnoti - June 2019


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