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Recommendation to join EXP ASSET
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What is EXP ASSET?

EXP ASSET below “Expasset” is a platform for an individual investors with small amount which enable you do trading (lending) and mining bitcoin.
It actually an  education platform for trading cryptocurrency, but with this platform you can also  earn your  passive income steadily.
Compare to other similar platforms, this one is safer and more reliable  with real people behind.
Expasset is established on 30 June 2017, on Children’s day by Polish and German’s traders.
I joined Expasset on 4 November 2017 and got registration number No.8717.
At this moment (Jan 5,2018), assuming from  my recent direct’s registration number, number of  registrants may have reached 14,000- 15,000 persons.
This is only just beginning because it is spreading around the globe.  So, it is important to take you position now, specially in matrix.
I will explain about matrix later on.
Expasset is different from so called HYIP, which we don’t know when it jump.
Not only having great potential, Expasset has  trust and transparency because the owner, Patryk Kruspinki is a well-known trader
in Europe that ofter appear in local media. I believe he wants to keep his clean reputation in cryptocurrency business.
More over, according to Alexa, now traffic to their website, they have  no.1 access from South Korea surpassed Poland, its origin country.


Expasset  is registered in England. You can confirm its registration in Companies House’s website with registration number 10743547

Only a fact that Expasset  is registered in England is actually nothing for me because many scammers such as Bitpetite, Dreamhash, Coinreum were
also registered in England. Expasset  which based in Poland, underwent an audit by legal office  Rafat Kufieta.  Raffat Kufieta reported in the audit report that EXP Asset is not performing Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme which old investors are being paid with newer investors and it is 100% legal.
Plase check also their comment about Legality of Business in USA in their report.

*Rafat Kufieta is a legal office who also performed audit for Future Net  , a Poland based company which  provides have social media like Facebook

What businesses does Expasset do? How they get their income?

According to company pamphlet,  their main business is trading and mining, they offer internet based education on cryptocurrency trading in the internet.
If you buy of their premium plan, you actually can have access to their trading room and observe they trade  and receive trading reports.
You can also learn how they trade to get profit.

Who is running the company ?

Remember I mentioned about traders before.

A trader and also CEO called Patryk Krupinski runs and manages Expasset, with
other management. He worked in Poland for HFT Brokers as a trader.
Now he is a speculatively-oriented, professional trader, active mainly in the field of portfolio
management in Expasset.
You can search his profile on internet and one of them is about his interview in
Patryk’s specializations are market mechanics, technical analysis and trading

How to join ?

You can get financial profit by purchasing their products and services.
Expasset provides educational platform for cryptocurrency trading.
There are e-learning videos about trading, but  I don’t really
watch it. I only have interest on increasing my bitcoin by receiving profits from binary and matrix plan.
You can register here to receive their products & services. 

What plan can we purchase?

There are 2 plans.
1. Binary plans
You can get daily pay out on average 1% from your binary purchases for 120 business days

2. Matrix Plan
I can say this is an MLM business scheme but this is not a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme according to audit report.
You can get benefit 5% of matrix purchases in your matrix structure that can be accumulated to 10 level.
This is so called SPILL OVER.
There are 2 types of Matrix. Permanent matrixes and  Time limited matrix.
Permanent matrix will not get expired for life time, so I suggest you to secure and get your position soon
in these matrixes.
Time limited matrix has 18 months contract and you will get mining profit from it.

How much can I earn from mining?

When you buy one of 3 types of time-limited matrixes M250, M500, or M100 you will get so called passive income.
Please see the answer in next section.

How much income can I expect from Expasset ?

There are 4 passive income and 9 active income to your wallet in Expasset

Passive income means you only need to invest and don’t have to do anything to get these in come.
It comes from binary plan and matrixes with mining power.
Active income means you have to recruit somebody to be in your team or you don’t have to recruit directly at all, but you have to be in an active group such as the WINNING TEAM.
Winning Team Leader’s , I would love to bring many people to participate in this  platform from all over the world, so you can get spill over !

There are 4 passive income streams to your Wallet in Expasset

1. PLAN > 1% daily for 120 business days  from company’s profit > Potential:  20% after 120 business days and
44% more funds after  240 business day when you compound it.

2. MATRIX > Mining from M250 > About $0.76  daily for 18 months.
Potential: $410  more funds after 18 months of doing nothing. ($0,76 x 18 month x  30 days = $410)

3. MATRIX > Mining from M500 > About $1.52  daily for 18 months.
Potential: $820  more funds after 18 months of doing nothing. ($1,52 x 18 month x  30 days = $820)

4. MATRIX > Mining from M1000 > About $3.05  daily for 18 months.
Potential: $1647  more funds after 18 months of doing nothing. ($3,05 x 18 month x  30 days = $1,647)

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How to lose on EXPAsset
EXPAsset onlly actually pays 20% over 6 months which is 0.166% a day, after you take off your initial investmet. Take off $5 wihdrawal fees and that gets even lower. If Bitcoin rises in value by more than 15% in the next 6 months then your initial investment will become a loss, The ONLY way to make money is by referrals, and referrals who invest. I have one direct referral who has not invested since signing under me 2 months ago, so no commissions. I have a dozen matrix referrals only one who has invested anything but not on any of my matrix plans so have not earned anything there. After 3 months I am heading towards a LOSS.
Written by: Alan D | Jan. 14, 2019 09:24AM

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