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Need a place to buy bitcoins to get you started?
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Need a place to buy bitcoins to get you started?

Crypto Dot Com will let you buy bitcoins with a credit card or a bank debit card so you can buy with your checking account. Plus you will get a visa debit card you can load with Bitcoins and get cash from any ATM machine from your loaded Bitcoins or you can spend your Bitcoin anyplace Visa is accepted.
Crypto Dot Com is a phone app so you can load more Bitcoins onto your Visa Debit Card while you are out shopping with your phone if you need to. 
you can sign up here
or install the app from your app store and then use 7craxbort6 as your referral code and you will be eligible to receive the $50.00 signup bonus if you upgrade to the first upgrade which is the Ruby Steel Card that pays 2% cashback with 400.00 in free ATM withdraws per month before the 2% fee kicks in plus get free Spotify. Then buy 50 MCO coins and lock them up for 6 months. After the 6 months, they will be unlocked and you get to keep the Upgrade For Life. The more you upgrade the more benefits you get like free Spotify, free Netflix, free Access to Airport VIP rooms and bigger cashback up to 5%. 
 All cards are free but you will need to buy more MCO coins for the higher upgraded cards. all MCO Coins for upgrades will be held 6 months and all will be returned so you can either trade them for Bitcoin or other coins or you may choose to put them in your Crypto Earn account and earn 8% APR paid weekly. Once you get your coins unlocked you will stay upgraded for life afterward. If you choose not to get the extra benefits, for now, you can always upgrade at a later date by contacting support who is always there and ready to help. 
The free Midnight Blue Card only pays 1% cashback and only has a 200.00 cash ATM withdraw limit per month with a 2% service charge on anything over the $200 for the month. it does not give free Spotify or free Netflix or free VIP Airport Access. But the Visa Debit Card and the Wallets are fully functional and free to use. Also 100% free to load your Visa Card. Plus the Crypto Earn is enabled if you want to earn interest on your coins. Different coins pay different interest. The highest interest-paying coin is the Cro Coin also owned by Crypto Dot Com which pays up to 18% APR paid weekly.
install the app from your smartphone app store and then use 7craxbort6 as your referral code




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