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Welcome to my Blog - My Name is Scott.

It's my goal and mission to provide you with tools and resources to help you with your business or everyday life.

I firmly believe in connecting with people to build trust.  Let's connect. Shoot me an email or write a comment.

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   Who Else Wants To Make 280K In 12 Short Months! [Apr. 15, 2016 10:20PM]   
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Our One-Of-A-Kind Proprietary Pay Plan Can Have You Pocketing 280K Or More In 12 Short Months, and The Best Part Is You Don't Need To Recruit An Army Of People To Do It!

Pays Instantly Member To Member! 100% Payout!

We Close Your Sales, and You Keep The C-A-S-H! Flood Your Pay Pal Account With Instant $50 Payments!


   How to force life & the Internet to deliver! [Jan. 29, 2016 07:32PM]   
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In Cyber-life, the digital cousin of that strange phenomenon you may remember, called Real-life, you have probably discovered that things do not always pan out the way you think they should.

Sometimes it feels that our parade is being rained on by every cloud that is, was or will ever exist.



   The Winter 2016 Leadership Challenge [Jan. 06, 2016 09:49PM]   
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The Winter 2016 Leadership Challenge is a new contest from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016 -

To Enter go to:



   Residual Income vs Leveraged Income [Dec. 26, 2015 09:59PM]   
(0) comments,   (1) trackbacks,   Rate this post Income is income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, from work you do just ONCE. It's like a royalty. An example would be writing a book or recording a song and getting paid forever on it. Wouldn't it be absolutely awesome to have that?! ...


   Announcing….$20, $40, and $100 Signing Bonuses! [Dec. 04, 2015 03:35PM]   
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Effective immediately, we’ve added a very exciting new incentive for all new SFI affiliates:  SIGNIN...


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