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   Damn - Scammed again! [Jan. 17, 2015 11:42PM]   
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I am sure you have been there done that. A program that promises you to fill your downline and you get paid. This is called a passive income and will never work.

The company gets you to sign up with promises and guarantees. Then after a few months and your monies gone, you get nothing. Those days are gone. With Digisoft you get paid a full 100% commission and paid directly member to member so the company never touches our monies....


   Real Traffic Views are the Key to Generate Traffic [Jan. 11, 2015 02:16AM]   
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Sadly, we can no longer trust traffic vendors to provide real clicks. The temptation to make a killing by sending you Bot traffic is too much for many to resist. But not with Staged.

For example, the best performing Stage of all time has had about 12 million views. That's right - 12 million! If the owner of that Stage were to pay for impressions (as traffic is often sold) on the open market at 50Ę per 1,000 impressions, it would have cost about $6,000 - just for that one Stage! And the traffic that Staged generates is REAL TRAFFIC. Not Bots. Not "clickfarms" in third world countries. It's real people who see your content and ONLY your content!...


   No One Cares About Your Program Unless?? [Dec. 22, 2014 11:54PM]   
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Here is the raw truth, no one cares about your program or how much success you are having with it. They only care how it can benefit them. If you cannot show them how it can benefit them then they will not sign up.

Here is a example of a program that says all the right things -


   Generate Your Own Leads. Stop Buying Them. [Dec. 22, 2014 01:54PM]   
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Buying leads is a risky business. I know because I have bought banner hits, website hits, impressions, and yes even those guaranteed leads.

Some did ok, but I never recovered the amount of money that I spent on them. So I have been getting my own leads, free leads.

The way to do it is to have blogs, like this one, but the best way is to share youtube videos, facebook videos. I do not mean your own videos I mean other peoples viral videos....


   How Much Crap do you Need.. [Dec. 09, 2014 05:37PM]   
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Often businesses offer deals, coupons and free this-and-thatóbut how many free coffee mugs or pens with a business's name on it can a person use?

And if the coupon isn't for a desired product or service, offering a discount doesn't really matter.

Customers look to fulfill specific needs, so turn to them to shed some light on where to focus. ...


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