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   How to force life & the Internet to deliver! [Jan. 29, 2016 07:32PM]   
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In Cyber-life, the digital cousin of that strange phenomenon you may remember, called Real-life, you have probably discovered that things do not always pan out the way you think they should.

Sometimes it feels that our parade is being rained on by every cloud that is, was or will ever exist.

Why is it that for some people the streets seems paved in gold and yet for us we seem to be wading knee-deep in doggy doo-doo?

What do these 'blessed' few do so differently from us to make all that money and get all that good stuff?

  • They decide what they want.

  • They write down it down with a step-by-step battle plan of how to achieve it.

  • They see what works, so that they can do more of what does and stop what doesn't.

  • And here is where the rubber really meets the road - (drum roll please) they Persist!

What would happen if we followed the course that is that stamped into our DNA from when we were born?

We were born to persist and succeed. It has always been that way.

Do you think it was easy learning to walk and talk? Did you think to yourself after falling over a few times...

"This is never gonna work, this walking idea sucks besides look at all these yummy crumbs and squashed raisins that I have found down here."

Obviously NOT...

The fact that you are reading this means you didn't give up on one of the most complex learning challenges you will ever face - the skill of reading itself!

When you think about it there are loads of things you refused to give up on. You persisted, you succeeded and you got the T-shirt. Why stop at walking and talking?

Let's keep doing what we've been doing our whole lives anyway, persist, and get some bigger, better and faster T-shirts.

But before we can really knuckle down and 'PERSIST' we have to ask ourselves some fundamental questions.

Firstly: Where are we going?

Look into the lives of every person you can think of who has achieved lasting success, and you will find that they had a burning desire driving them forward - they began with the end in mind.

Each had a concrete plan for reaching that goal, and each devoted the greatest part of his or her thoughts and efforts to that end.

If you can briefly think of God or the 'Universe' as being like a Cosmic Mail order Company with the ability to supply anything your heart desires - you can see that it is very important to send in the right order.

If you think 'I haven't got the foggiest idea what I want,' the only response you are going to get is 'Look mate, if you haven't got a clue there is nothing that I can do for you either.'

The Internet is a sleek, high-tech vehicle for you to achieve larger goals for yourself and tools like Staged can help you make the most money from the Internet. But only you can decide the goals that will blast you out of bed in the morning to do so!

Brainstorm goals that truly excite you, that really set a bon-fire under your backside and inspire your creativity.

There are tons of good books and courses out there to help you further with this vital skill, most of them stemming from the Grandaddy of all self-help books, Napoleon Hill's 'Think And Grow Rich.'

If you are serious about making money and you don't own this book, drop everything now and buy a copy. Many people have openly stated that the turning point in their lives came after reading this book. For the price of a six-pack what have you got to lose?

With the odds of winning the lottery the same as having a star drop on your head, your next best option to succeed is to hold the object of your desire in the forefront of your mind, keep track of your results, remain flexible and with persistence insist that life deliver.

As Stuart Wilde, the off-the wall author was fond of saying...

"On your quest, think of the symbology of the woodpecker. Each peck doesn't amount to much but eventually the whole bloody tree comes down."

Thank You
Scott Price




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