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Hold On Like a Bulldog — 3 Secrets To Stick To Your Weight Loss Program
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Feb. 02, 2016 08:46AM
The Error It's Best To Never Make In Home Business
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The error it's best to never make in home business
by Grace Zhang

Countless persons are naive about company and don't carry out very good analysis just before rushing into The truth is that (when you're among this group) you may get lucky typically but certainly not frequently. Folks have lost big amount of revenue to tricksters who come up with firms whose names only exists in their heads and trick their target clients with ...


May. 29, 2015 02:27PM
Credits: Recent Presentations (With Video!): Transitioning to PaaS and DevOps
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Recent Presentations (With Video!): Transitioning to PaaS and DevOps

I just finished up speaking at a  run of conferences (Cloud Foundry Summit, ALM Forum, and the OpenStack Summit) and the recorded presentations are all online.The Cloud Foundry Summit was excellent and you can find all the conference videos on the Cloud Foundry Youtube channel....


Mar. 04, 2015 08:53AM
How to Be a Successful Retiring Baby Boomer
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How to Be a Successful Retiring Baby Boomer

The goal for most retiring baby boomers is to kick their feet up, relax after 40 plus years of work, enjoy a little bit of their lives, socialize with their friends and enjoy their grandchildren. Unfortunately, so much has happened with the economy and poor financial planning that most are seeing themselves working longer or having to work full time even though they are eligible for their social security. 

So how can you still be successful even against the odds? Are they doomed to a retirement where they have to scrimp on every penny? The answer is no and here is how they can change the stars. It's called network marketing. Even though retiring baby boomers don't want to look at new careers options at this point in their life; network marketing offers a few key elements that otherwise they may not get at the rate they are going....


Mar. 01, 2015 08:17AM
Business Brokerage
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Business Brokerage

Want to Buy a Business? Have a Plan!You have several financing options to choose from when you are trying to secure finances to buy a business. But all of them involve convincing someone that your idea is so good that they should give you money to implement it. So before anything else- Have a Plan. Not only when you want to buy a business, this is very good business advice in general, perhaps so commonsensical that it is not as meticulously implemented as it might be. ...


Jan. 23, 2015 09:17AM
Reading the World: Ideas That Matter (Second Edition)
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