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Hi, Bill Straub here. I love the tropics, computers, phones, WiFi - all I need is an internet connection and I can live and survive anywhere.

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   I'm Back From Temporary Leave [Oct. 16, 2013 11:10AM]   
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I'm Back From Temporary Leave

Hi, I had to take a temporary leave. I thought I would miss 1 day (maybe 2) of posting to my blog here, but I actually missed 4 whole days. I'll try to make up for lost time and try to post 2 articles a day for a couple of days. Plus I have a post on Link Building where I've been keeping track of Hidden Link Pages, Backlinks - Incoming Links etc. on another blog... that I'm going to try to move to this blog, as it is getting almost impossible to keep track of growing number of links and I think it will be a little more manageable here....


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