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A reliable hosting service is a must for doing business online. I am going to show you one of the top services called Kinsta.

Kinsta is powered exclusively by Google Cloud Platform and utilizes Google Cloud’s premium tier global network to ensure your site loads even faster. Kinsta is recommended by Google Cloud as a fully-managed WordPress host solution.

All of their support engineers are WordPress developers, they create WordPress themes, plugins and contribute back to the core. 24/7 support is available for all of their customers all year long.

You have the option to choose from 20 different worldwide data centers for your site. If you desire, each of your sites can have a different data center attached. Kinsta's entire infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform and is very different from traditional shared, VPS, or dedicated framework.

I know a lot of that info is pretty technical and may be confusing, but the bottom line is Kinsta is a hosting provider that you can depend on for your business.

CLICK HERE to learn more about all of Kinsta's features and their full satisfaction guaranty.




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