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Cell Phone Tips You Should Know About !

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Posted on: 31st Mar 2021

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

Cell phones are one of the great wonders ever made to mankind. The gadget has given lots of advantages to people especially to those who are always on the go. It has made families, friends, and associates to connect with each other instantly, conveniently, and cost-effectively. In general, cell phones have become every individual's best friend especially in times when they immediately need someone, even from across the world.

But proper cell phone etiquette has always been a concern, especially now when practically millions own cell phones. It has caused growing issue over what proper way to use it without being inconsiderate to others. It is alright if you bring with you your cell phone wherever you are, in the business environment, business meeting, in social gatherings, and in other public places. However, if it is already causing a hassle to other people, it is a different story.

In a Movie Theater or Concert Hall

If you are in a movie theater or in a concert hall, remember that everyone goes there to watch and enjoy the movie. But if your phone is suddenly ringing in loud volume, you are disturbing other people, and defeating their purpose to enjoy. If you take the call and talk loudly while the movie is on, it even can get them even more annoyed. To avoid a scenario, turn your phone into silent mode so that when someone is calling it does not disturb others. If you think the call must be answered, be nice and go out the movie house and then take it. 

In a Restaurant

It is the same when you are in a fine dining restaurant where every body is enjoying a quiet moment with their respective partners or companions. It can be easily ruined when a cell phone is ringing loudly or you are talking on the phone loudly that the person next on the table practically hears the conversation. If you can't move up from your table, at least tone down your voice, so you are not causing a distraction to the people on the other tables.

In the Church

The church is a place where everybody visits to solemnly spend a time to pray, meditate, and attend a mass or any religious gathering. It is surely infuriating if there is a cell phone causing the noise. It is not okay to turn the phones on when inside the church. So before you go in, be sure to check the gadget and turn it off or in silent mode.
In a meeting
It is extremely unethical to take calls from cell phones while in a meeting. You just don't distract other people who are serious in attending the meeting but it disrupts the flow of whatever is in progress inside. It is best to leave the phones in silent mode and inside the bag to avoid the unpleasant scenario.

In some locations, particularly in private and even public buildings, wireless phones are not allowed and are indicated from the signs suggesting people to turn the phones off.

If it is important that you leave your phone on and being in silent mode is not an option, you can at least set it in vibrate mode. However, when taking calls, be as ethical as possible by doing it discreetly in the sense that you are not causing any disturbances to anybody.

Also, leave your voice mail on. Tell your friends and family to leave message when you are unavailable to take the calls.

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