Benefits Having a Topsurfer Wholesale Membership Franchise

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Posted on: 8th Jul 2021 is an advertising site that offers several ways for a home or small business to advertise online since 2001. It is the brain-child of programmer and owner Stan Thompson. You can join Topsurfer for free, surfer for credits so you can show your site or offer to the Topsurfer community (20,000+ users). However, it is way more cost effective to become a Wholesale Member. From a business standpoint, it makes sense, by saving you valuable time, dollars, and cents. 

CLICH HERE to watch this video, then review the chart below.


Grow Your Business with Wholesale Membership 
Action Free Member Wholesale Member
Monthly credits 0 5000
buy credits $18 for 4000 credits N/A
buy solo ads $17 ea, $8.50 ea
PTC daily max 50 (earns $0.03) 200 (earns $0.12)
Earn off your downline clicks no yes
Commissions when downline upgrades 0% 100%
Your own Wordpress website no yes
SEO Tools no yes
Books with resale rights no yes

















All this is a bonus, since you have the potential of earning from your advertised offer(s). also, if you're a web segner, you earn your fees charged in addition to selling the wholesale  / hosting membership. If you are serious about growing your business, this is the best $10 monthly investment you can make for your business.


Many Ways to Make Money:

Here's a list of some of the many ways you can make money with your Topsurfer Wholesale Membersip franchise...

  1. Resell the memberships and keep 100% of the $10 fee.
  2. Build  Wordpress based websites for a fee that you charge.
  3. Perform SEO services on customer's website for your set fee.
  4. Create your blog with links to affiliate offers.
  5. Perform a solo ad service for your set fee.
  6. Earn when your downline views ads.
  7. Get paid for viewing up to 200 ads per day (free members can view 50 max).


Just $10 a Month



While you are a Wholesale Member
you will be able to sell
this package and KEEP
100% of the MONEY!!!!!!!!!



Heck, it's worth it just on the discounted savings on solo ad and credit purchases alone.




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