How to Earn Bitcoin Daily for Free

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Posted on: 19th Apr 2021

WARNING: Some WORK needs to be done on your part; not hard, but required for success. It does require some regular time (about 1.5 - 2 hours/day) commitment Everyone who follows this closely will earn Bitcoin

Remember when Bitcoin first appeared in 2009 at $0.0008 per BTC? Today, as of this writing in 20201, Bitcoin is courting the $53K in US dollars. Haven't got $53K? You can start earning bitcoin with zero-out-of-pocket, nada, zilch, free. What's the catch? You have to be will to three things:

1) Devote time and effort (sweat equity) to the tune of 1.5 to 2 hours per day. The target is 120 days

2) You have to be willing to learn a few new skills. They are not hard, but practice is neccessary.

3) While 1 & 2 will earn you some bitcoin, SHARING your links with others will grow your bitcoin stash larger and faster.


  1. All sites listed are FREE to join. I am an affiliate for each of these sites. I show you the full referral link so you know what yours will look like.
  2. You are under no obligation to upgrade. Only upgrade when it makes good business sense for you. Do the FREE signups at a minimum so you can follow along. You don’t have to upgrade to earn commissions. It involves more effort and lower commissions, but it is doable.


Step 1: Use the This Browser that Earns you Bitcoin

To earn Bitcoin for everything you do online, recommed you download and use this Chrome-based brower that earns you Bitcoin as you brows the internet. Share you link with friends and family to earn more Bitcoin. I have shown my referal links so you know what yours shour look like. Your username or reference number will be unique to you.

Join CryptoTab Browser or via this link


Step 2: Get a Crypto Wallet

To store any crypto currency such as Bitcoin, you need a digital wallet. If you have one already, use it. If you need a digital wallet, I highy recomment Coinpayments or via this link


Step 3: Join these three sites (FREE signup - click on the name or link below) 

Topsurfer and Infinity Traffic Boost are treaffic exchanges. Their primary function is to help home-based and small businesses advertise online. To attract eyeballs to the ads, they PPC (Pay Per Click) in Bitcoin to rewards visiters to the ads. Therefore, their primary product, is advertising. Cointiply is task site that rewards you with Bitcoin for watching videos, completing task, downloads, etc.

The three sites below pay via Bitcoin.

REMINDER -- I have shown my referal links so you know what yours should look like. Your username or reference number will be unique to you.

1) Topsurfer  or via this link 

2) Infinity traffic Boost or via this link 

3) Cointiply or via this link     

Andvertise your Cointiply link in both Infinity traffic Boost and Topsurfer 


Step 4: Verify Each Account

Make sure you check your email for a confirmation email set you you. All good companies sent a confirmation email for two reasons. First, it verifies that the info they send is going to the correct email address. Second, it gives you an opportunity to decide, "Do I really want this?".

If you don't see a confirmation email that you are expecting, check your SPAM folder for your email account.


Step 5: Make a plan for Daily Activity

To succeed at this, I recommend planning on about 90 mins daily. Your your time wisely. As with anything new, there will be a learning curve. Take a few minutes each day to learn one or two features of these three sights. If you use the following as a daily activity guide.

1) Topsurfer -- surf 50 sites per day (20 min)

2) Infinity traffic Boost -- Surf 100 sites per day (60 min)

Once you get the hang of using Infinity Traffic Boost, review this video if you want to earn 2.7 BTC within the next 90 - 100 days. CLICK HERE to watch the Freeway Plan to earn 2.7 BTC. At $53,000 USD per Bitcoin, that's $143.1K USD -- wow!

3) Cointiply -- play games, watch videos, try apps (15-30 min per day)

REMEMBER -- Sharing is caring (& profitable). Share your links with friends and family (who have a similar mindset) to leverage your earning potential.


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