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Basic Models To Create A Branding Plan

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Posted on: 17th December 2019, 11:27am
Branding requires intense planning and conceptualization. To come up with innovative marketing ideas and an effective way to brand your products, you need to carefully lay out the steps to get there. Doing so, will also enable you to take note of the vital aspects involved in the creation of a brand. Brand models have been formulated to create the framework needed to build an effective brand that will be able to withstand market trends and competition.

What is a Branding Model?

These are basic models utilized in the process of brand planning. Each of them will cover different scopes and aspects of the process to create a sound branding strategy. The models not only generate methods for arriving at a specific brand idea, but will also help business people understand the behavior of consumers in terms of their responses to a brand. Understanding consumer reactions to branding, is helpful in adjusting old branding strategies or acquiring new ones.

All of these features are key steps in managing and reviewing brands. The models are not directly linked, but one does impact another.

Brand Positioning

This model relates to creating an image with a distinct position in the market. A firmly established identifying brand will help your target market to easily remember and and opt for your line of products. This is one aspect of your brand planning wherein you must focus on creating a superior brand that will eliminate your competition. Here are steps you need to look into:

*  Identify other brands you are competing against. Then, define the parameters of your own brand against your competition. This will enable you to focus your efforts.

* Next, your objective is to introduce attributes to your brand that will enable it to stand out from competition. You must also introduce elements into your brand that will form, in the mind of your consumers or target market, the perceived quality of your brand.

*  Formulate a slogan for your brand that will aim to reaffirm the position and values of your brand. It aims to articulate the message of the brand and what it promises to deliver to the consumers.

Brand Resonance

Once your brand is active in the market, your next step is to protect the loyalty of your consumers. To do that, you need an efficient customer relation service and a feedback system. This model follows from the initial steps laid out by the brand positioning methods. Now, your next aim is to strengthen the relationship between customers and your brand. After all, the majority of sales stem from repeat customers.

More than anything, this stage is where you must reinforce the messages initially conveyed by your brand. Hence, customers will remain satisfied with the level of performance and quality delivered by your brand. Are your methods consistent with the identity of the brand and its mission? Take into consideration the feedback of customers on your product, and build up on that relationship.

Brand Value Chain

This one is more focused on the financial impact of your branding efforts. The basic idea of this model, is that the value of the brand is in the customers who generate the turnove.

Carefully combining these various models will provide a reliable perspective of the different areas involved in the marketing activity. Monitoring all these branding steps will enable you to easily track progress or problem areas in the branding system.

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