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Synchronized calendar

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Posted on: 17th March 2016, 6:59am
A desktop calendar works well for me most of the time, but I do want to use the calendar sometimes from the web or cellular phone.  I searched for an application that works like Simplenote which easily synchronizes between cellular phones, web and desktop (with Resopnotes).  To my surprise I found very little, and what I found, did not work well.  I thought programmers would fall over their feet to offer such an application.

Eventually I found a setup that does everything I want very well.  I use the Thunderbird email client's calendar linked to Google calendar, which in turn links to the Android calendars on my tablet and cellphones.  Any change I make anywhere synchronizes everywhere else.

Adam Pash describes how to synchronize Thunderbird with Google Calendar.  Use the option to integrate Sunbird calendar into Thunderbird by using the Provider for Google Calendar extension, as explained in his article.  It is really much simpler to do than it sounds.

All that remains to do, is to link your tablet and cellular phones to the Google Calendar.  Open the Android calendar, go to settings, "Add Account," and add the Google account.   If the cellular phone is using your Google account as its main email client, it is not even necessary to do this - it will already be automatically linked.

With this setup I can use my calendar on Thunderbird on my desktop as my main calendar.  Whenever necessary, I can use the calendar from my cellular phones, or from another computer with Internet connection.


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