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7 Tips to entice prospects into your product funnel

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Posted on: 10th January 2015, 11:33am
1.  Provide a special report that focuses on two things: 
first, this is a product or service that is being successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people right this very minute;
second, this product or service can make a big impact in the quality of your prospect's life and work.

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2. Dress up the special report with charts and relevant graphics. Most people are visual in the way they relate to the world, so using a simple chart to illustrate a point, or inserting some other type of visual that is related to the subject matter will help to enhance and hold the attention of the reader.


3.  Testimonials from current clients are a big part of a successful special report. If at all possible, present a variety of testimonials.


4.  Special reports are relatively easy to produce and extremely cost effective to have available.
*  The content can be used in a direct mail piece.
*  The special report can be posted online, with a unique URL that can then be distributed far and wide by both manual and electronic means.

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5. Short audio sessions have been employed for decades by businesses to promote their products. (while callers were on hold, while in the grocery store or in a discount retail store)  A short online audio session makes the sales process via the Internet a little more personal, as the prospect hears a human voice.  Make the short audio session to the point and informative. Give the prospect enough to ensure he or she will progress to the next level and seriously consider the offering, rather than simply scanning some text and moving on to another web site.  Audio is of course mostly linked to video in current online practice.

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6. Offer prospects a trial membership, if applicable  Some reasons why a trial membership is very attractive to a prospect.:
* There is no long-term commitment.
* The trial can be free or at a discount, so cost is not a factor.
* The trial offer gives the prospect  the chance to test drive and show the offering to other people who would be using it.
* This gives the prospect the chance to think of questions that should be answered before a commitment is made.


7. If software is involved in your product or service offering, you may also want to provide a demonstration version of the software that is good for a limited amount of time. Trial software should be representative of what the full version does  Make sure you include the option to upgrade from trial to permanent software at any point during the trial time. Fully functional samples of any product is also a good idea.

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