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did I invent a dance?

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Posted on: 18th March 2014, 1:47am
My passion for dance is growing every day to the point where I sort of invented a new/blended dance  a bush party in Northern NSW
There is such  a lovely community feeling in and around Nimbin NSW and Saturday nights party at Fred's was definitely one of the best.
Great bands playing, beautiful weather with the full moon waxing the night and I was in the mood to dance!
I've been learning modern jive for 18 months now and it's such fun. Adaptable to most music and very freestyle oriented. This was an ideal night to test my dance on 3 different forms of music.
First was 'Bourbon Street'...excellent rock, great to dance to . then 'Khanage' bit softer but raunchy style also great to jive to.
Then to my delight - and this is the point of this post - the younger crowd started playing their doof music, or, to be precise - Progressive Techno Trance - i could feel the beat so good to jive to!
there and then we were dancing to  what i now call 'doof jive'
To partner dance to this music was so much fun. Really different as the moves have a more snappy edgy feel to them...
loved it   :-)

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