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Pandemic and pressure
2 months of lockdown starts to take it's toll.Be kind ...
new to dance
the aim is to post a blog every day!I really ...
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new to dance

the aim is to post a blog every day!I really admire anyone that can do that. I have started with that intention but then forget....back on the horse againI just finished reading a book by James Altucher - Chose Yourself - and recommend it. One of his points is to ... Read More ...
7th May 2014, 4:52am

still dancing

I have found my passion in life. or maybe I could say I have re discovered my passion for dancing.I have always loved to dance but I think as a teenager it was easy to get detered  by others or by the thought that i wasd not 'good' enough.Now I ... Read More ...
21st March 2014, 12:35am

did I invent a dance?

My passion for dance is growing every day to the point where I sort of invented a new/blended dance  a bush party in Northern NSWThere is such  a lovely community feeling in and around Nimbin NSW and Saturday nights party at Fred's was definitely one of the best.Great bands ... Read More ...
18th March 2014, 1:47am



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