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new to dance
the aim is to post a blog every day!I really ...
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new to dance

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Posted on: 7th May 2014, 4:52am
the aim is to post a blog every day!
I really admire anyone that can do that. I have started with that intention but then forget....back on the horse again
I just finished reading a book by James Altucher - Chose Yourself - and recommend it. One of his points is to come up with ten ideas a day. This is to make me think, stir the cobwebs in my grey matter.
This bought me an idea to connect with dancing in a different way. I'm not qualified to teach Ceroc in a formal sense but in a natural sense I just might be. So the plan is to get a series of beginner moves filmed and up onto you tube for those people that would like lesson (particularly men) in the privacy of their own home. This way it may be possible to get a few steps under your belt before stepping onto dance floor proper.
Now, that camera...oh and I need a partner!
Always details, details details....
more later

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