Bitcoin Wealth Builder Project (90 day plan)

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Posted on: 30th Aug 2020

WARNING: Some learning, work and time are involved….

The aim of this project is to help you earn 2+ Bitcoin within 90 days. As of this writing (Feb 12, 2021), we have helped 7 so far. Bitcoin is currently worth about $44,374 USD each. If you earned two of them, (based on 500 work hours in 90 days) that's $88,000 or $178 USD per hour!!  This is a very simple 4 part system. You will succeed if you keep a few things in mind and commit to doing this for 90 days:

  • This requires about 2h work per day for the next 90 days.

  • You attract 4+ others and help them to do the same.

  • You earn bitcoin for viewing ads , sharing and doing simple tasks.

Now, let's get to work. Join the following list as a FREE member:

 Paid Daily Club

Takes just 3 minutes to join. Follow instruction on site to earn daily. No uppgrade required to earn daily; just follow directions (about an hour per day). Sharing your referral link with others will increase your earning potential.


60 min/day

Join / learn / earn

Infinity Traffic Boost 

Earn Satoshi daily for every 10 ads viewd. Follow one of two plans to earn 2.74 BTC within 90 days. 

1) FAST TRACK (42 day plan with small one-time bitcoin payment) view video 


2) FREE WAY (73 days and more time looking at ads) .  View video here

Advertise your Paid Daily Club link here.

3 min/day (upgraded_ or 60 min/day (free)


Advertise your Paid Daily Club link here. Many ways to earn here. 

20 min

Surf 175 sites/day

Website Traffic Rewards

Start by just logging in and get $0.10 every day for read email ads! That's $3.00 you can spend each month! DOUBLE THAT BY UPGRADING!

Advertise your Paid Daily Club link here. There is a prewitten email in your Paid Daily Club back office under Affiliate Resources.

20 min

surf 25 sites/day


*= join first


Get BONUS TRAFFIC for just 15 min (surfing 50 sites every 30 days) via this link: 

If you have a LIST, send an email similar to this one to them encouraging them to join your links and to help 4+ others do the same. There is a prewitten email in your Paid Daily Club back office under Affiliate Resources.


If you don't have a list, highly recommended you create one. Not every is willing to join you; but they may get something else from you in future. If you don't have an autoresponder, here's free one you can use. Also, it’s a great lead generation site for any business:


Get this helpful guide to consistently build your online business....

CLICK HERE to download PDF copy of the Bitcoin Wealth Builder Plan 

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