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Posted on: 12th May 2014, 12:59pm

Today' post is part of an interview conducted by  my friend and colleague, Henry Ochnik:

Building A   number   of   things   become   abundantly   clear   when speaking  with  Frank  Hasenfratz,  founder  and  chairman  of a  Company Linamar Corp.    and    recipient of the   Canadian Manufacturing  Entrepreneur  of  the  Year  Award.  Firstly, from he  has  an  obvious  passion  for  his  work  and  for  Linamar.

Secondly,  you  will  rarely  hear  Hasenfratz  use  the word  I. Frank  Hasenfratz   would   rather   speak  about
Linamar Corp., the group of companies that Linamar Corp. is associated with, and the solid group of entrepreneurially spirited members of the Linamar Corp. team. Thirdly, and most certainly not leasty, Frank Hasenfratz has a deep concern for Canadian Business.

Frank  Hasenfratz,  founder and chairman of Linamar  Corp.,  and  recipient  of  the coveted Canadian Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 1994. Linamar Corp. of Guelph,  founded  in 1966, has  grown  from  a  one-man  basement  operation  to a world wide manufacturer of auto parts,  farm  equipment, and defence components, with over 2800 employees and annual  sales  in  excess  of  $400  million.

the entrepreneurial spirit in general, and what  he  would term as outside forces affecting  business  development and  entrepreneurialism  in  Canada.


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