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Jets or No Jets for Toronto Island Airport, What is the Question?

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Posted on: 17th April 2014, 12:38am
Toronto is a world class city, ranking #2 in 2013 right behind Sydney, Australia.  Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, it is the provincial capital and the financial heartbeat of Canada. Many things to see and do. A great place to work and raise a family. With the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) boosting a population just over 6 million, for all its splendor, get around the city is a job in itself. This includes flying in and out of Toronto. 

In addition to Toronto Pearson International Airport (NE corner of Toronto), There is the smaller Toronto Billy Bishop Airport, affectionately called the Island Airport. Currently this airport is serviced by turboprop aircraft. The Island Airport's appeal is it is conveniently located in Downtown Toronto. 

There is a proposal by Porter Airlines that calls for the allowance of jet aircraft to operated from the Island Airport. It has been hotly contest for the past several months, with emotion running hi on both sides. As a Project Manager, one of my jobs is conflict resolution. A  few well placed questions should remove emotion out of it (at least reduce it). 

For all the posturing around the issue of jets or no jets for the Toronto Island Airport, it all boils down to a few simple direct questions:

1)  What is the recognized 'acceptable' noise level, in decibels, for the Island Airport?

2)  What is the established 'acceptable' pollution output of the turboprop operating from the Island Airport and how is it measured?

3)  Are the current turboprop planes operating from the Island Airport at or below that noise standard?

4)  Does the noise level of the proposed jets for the Island Airport match or fall below that of the turboprops? 

5)  Does the pollution level of the proposed jets for the Island Airport match or fall below that of the turboprops? 

The answer to questions 4 and 5 are key, since they are logical, all emotion removed. This simple query boils down to a yes or no. That results in a simple go / no go decision.

Any questions? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

Courtney Thompson
Toronto, Canada
"Marketers Wanted"

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