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New Zealand COVID-19 Shutdown -- Day 1

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Posted on: 26th March 2020, 1:36am
National Shutdown to Purge New Zealand of COVID-19 has Begun...
Thursday 26, 2020 @ 12:00am started day one of an initial 4 week nationwide shutdown. I say 'initial' because New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in her address to the nation clearly stated the Level 4 (NZ's highest threat level) could be in place longer if the initial round doesn't reduce the rate of Corona Virus to a low enough level.

To prevent the spread of Corona Virus, we're all encouraged to practice 'social distancing' and to wash our hands thoroughly and often. Health officials in Vietnam have employed a 'tres kool' catchy video to remind us to wash our hands properly to help stop the spread of the virus. There is also a TikTok dance challenge. Check out the video below.... 

Here are a few games to help you settle in on Day-1 of the New Zealand COVID-19 Shutdown...

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 Market Glory

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 The Food Game
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Below is the full, catchy Vietnamese Corona Virus prevention video. Enjoy...

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