These Games Pay You to Play & Share Them

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Posted on: 18th Mar 2020
Combine Love of Games with Cash Earning Potential...

Games, we all play them in one form or another. Back in the day it used to be various card games, board games or puzzles. Then, in 1972, Pong, the first commercially available computer game was born. Life hasn't been the same since.

I placed this article under 'Health' for two reasons. First, games help your mental health. Games can help you relax or shift your focus. Second, with the rash of Pandemics, COVID-19 being the most recent, many need both something to do and cash while under quarantine or practicing social-distancing. Check out one of the games reviewed below.

 Coastal City

Welcome to the economic game Coastal City, here you can build your own city and make money on it. You also make money for completing tasks and referring others to Coastal City..

This project was developed by a team of professionals SKY PROJECTS, Coastal City was created from the ground up to be a high-quality, profitable and most importantly, open and honest game.

Click link to join

 Market Glory

Earn virtual currency as you build your economic, industrial and military empires. Share Market Glory with others or convert your virtual currency to cash.

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 The Food Game
You play while surfing your favorite traffic exchanges. The Food Game is a fun way for online marketers to build downline and add fun to surfing; while advertising your product or service.



360Win is a gaming site NOT a gambling site. Poker, BlackJack and Baccarat are usually associated with gambling. What makes 360Win different? It uses an advertiser sponsor model. Advertisers put up the prize money to attract eyeballs to view their well targeted advertising.

Advertisers put up the prize money to attract players. The players view ads during tournament rounds. There is a third part to this. When prizes are awarded, charities are rewarded too. This makes 360Win a triple win for the advertisers, players and charities. You can earn money by winning a tournament or getting a portion of the winnings of other you've referred.

Join here...

In conclusion, this new age of social-distancing calls for new methods of staying connected, stimulating our brains and earning some extra need cash. This is a new way to do all these things and more that we haven't thought of yet. Don't be a dinosaur. They didn't adapt. We know what happened to them.  Try one of these games. Challenge your makes. Be kind to one another.

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