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Three Reasons to Travel to the Isle Of Man

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Posted on: 24th July 2014, 12:14pm

If youre looking for a unique travel destination the Isle of Man may be your ideal location. Located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man is part of the British Isles. Its not part of the UK which means it has its own government and currency (although pounds sterling are also used).

A Step Back in Time

Miles and miles of rugged coastline give the Isle of Man an almost exotic appeal. You feel as if youve stepped back in time to a land that is new and undiscovered. Yet the horse-drawn carriages found in some quaint seaside villages portray a different era. 19th century buildings can be found lining the shore where you can enjoy the unique variety of boutiques and high end shops.

You can visit ancient castles, explore labyrinths, and even hang out with ghosts with a Castle Rushen ghost tour. If you enjoy ghosts and all things undead you might also enjoy Meayll Hill. There youll find the site of twelve burial chambers and the largest Neolithic tomb in the British Isles at Cashtal yn Ard.

Nature in Abundance

More than 40% of the land on the Isle of Man is unpopulated. There is abundant opportunity to enjoy nature. Glen Maye provides an enjoyable hike to picturesque waterfalls. The hike then ends at a secluded beach. Glen Maye is just one of eighteen national glens. They provide visitors the opportunity to enjoy both the beaches and the mountains.

If you are an animal lover then youll enjoy the Calf of Man nature reserve and bird observatory. Visitors can often see seals basking in the sun on the rocks. The Ayres is an internationally renowned wildlife area where animal lovers are often able to enjoy a varied scene of birds, seals and sharks.

Dark Sky Locations

The Isle of Man has been identified as one of the best places in the world to enjoy the night sky. The absence of surrounding lights and light pollution combined with their location means that visitors can often enjoy unaided and detailed views of galaxies far away. Bring a telescope and you can see even more. Its not uncommon for people to be able to enjoy the Northern Lights.

In addition to a wealth of opportunities to experience a unique and ancient island, the Isle of Man is also rich with hotels, restaurants, and an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and embrace culture. If youre looking for a special vacation, you cant go wrong with a trip to the Isle of Man.

Courtney Thompson

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