Turn 3 Common Habits into Cash

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Posted on: 17th Jun 2021

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100% SUCCESS RATE: Everyone who applies one, two or all three methods of fliping Habits-to-Cash will enjoy more money in their pocket. It is tax-free, since it is money you have already recieved. All we are helping you to do is decide where and who gets your hard earned money; be it for kid's education, investment, saving, family vacation, etc.

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The purpose here is not stop any of these common habits (if you do, it’s your choice). The job really is to modify a few chosen habits in order to divert some of the money we spend on these HABITS / activities and divert them to fund important stuff. This includes thing like: investments, kid's education fund, starting a business, to name a few.your business. The examples shown here, use pricing based on the average person living in Toronto, ON, Canada. Your city may vary.

Saving $100 or more per month is as easy as applying any of the three habit modification suggestions for most who work in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Let’s get started...


1) Buy Lunch Habit

  • Frequency: daily (5 days per week)

  • Average Price: $14

  • Current Habit Cost: $70.00 per week

  • Habit Modification: Buy lunch twice a week / pack lunch 3 days per week

  • Saving: $42.00 per week / $168.00 per month / $2,016.00 per year


2) Travel to Work Habit

  • Frequency: daily (5 days per week)

  • Average Price: $16.00 per day parking + 1 gal gas @ $4.85/gal (CAD$1.29/L)

  • Current Habit Cost: $20.85 per day  / $104.25 per week / $417.00 per month

  • Habit Modification: Take transit (if possible); $3.25 each way ($6.50 per day)

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  • Save: $14.35 per day / $71.75 per week / $287 per month saving / $3,731 per year


3) Smoking Habit

  • Frequency: 1 pack per day (7 days per week)

  • Average Price: $14 per pack (Toronto, ON, Canada)

  • Current Habit Cost: $98 per week / $392 per month / $4,704 per year

  • Habit Modification: Reduce smoking from 7 packs to 5 packs per week

  • Savings: $28 per week /  $112 per month / $1456 per year


  • FUN FACT: If you live in Auckland, New Zealand where the average price of a pack of cigarettes is $35 your saving would be: $70 per week / $280 per month / $3,640 per year


If you do all 3; your potential savings $7,203 annually.

In conclusion, you can have more of your hard-earned money doing more for you, when you decide how tou spend your money, and put it into action. In addition a 'side-hustle' is a great way to suppliment your work form home income. 


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