Why do 96% of Online Marketers Fail?

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Posted on: 27th Mar 2021

Yup, 96% of y'all starting new marketing efforts online will fail. Put it another way, if 25 of y'all start marketing a product or service online today, only 1-in-25 of y'all will have any success. While that may sound depressing. That is still far better than 1-in-292,201,338 chance of winning the Power Ball Jackpot. 

For answers, I look at my online marketing data which is pretty close to the 4% success rate.

1) Poodle-Pounders

I'll let that term sink in a moment. Poodle-pounder is a polite term to refer to those seducing the canine, screwing the pooch; you get the idea. I use this term for people who eagerly join in hopes of making fast money. They are quickly disapointed to learn that there is some work involved and therefore quit or don't follow through.

I'm assuming that if you're on a tight budget, you use Traffic Exhanges or Safelists to find signups. Most signups, I find to be looky-lou, poodle-pounders. They join, cause it looks like a new shiny object. They are disappointed when they discover, that they have to do some WORK.  Most people say they what to make money, but are unwilling to do the things that make money. You have to learn how the product or system works, put the work in to get good at it. You also have to willing to share it with others (build your downline).

Success starts with a decision. If you signup, show up. Do your best to learn how it works. Give it a fair time trial period (commiting to 30 days solid effort, for example). When you look at your results of a serious effort, determine if you will continue. Decide not to be a poodle-pounder.

2) No Strategy

If you are running any business on the internet (or off), it still requires a well thought out and effective marketing strategy. Most of us would call this a plan. "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail", so the common sense phrase goes. Do not forget that there is an internet marketing plan that successful businesses always have in their store. They evaluate their marketing plans periodically and make timely improvements. This means you have to be active in your business, review your numbers and be willing to make adjustments as required.

To be successful, you must have a strategy of how you go about it. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

3) Lack of Commitment 

One of the most sought-after qualities to run any business, especially online business, is the commitment. I had on guy contact me a few weeks after he join a marketing tool I was promoting. "Where's my money?", he asked. After speaking to him for 5 minutes, it was clear he had joined but didnot setup anything as instructed. He also made noeffort to build a team as directed for that product. I told him to do get a job. most 'would-be' marketers do not maintain the initial level of high commitment. They start well but lose their focus and determination to succeed for different reasons. Many of them are left with no enthusiasm if they face some failures. For example, if they do not get the customers’ response, they get dejected and lose patience and interest.

To change this to a win, you need to commit to the marketing effort. Most companies that have affiliate marketing programs, typically have developed marketing material (banners, affiliate links, sales email copy, etc) -- USE THEM. Not everyone that gets your sales info will buy (99% won't0. Try cgetting their contact details via a lead capture page to build a prospect list.


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