Why I Play the Food Game

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Posted on: 23rd Nov 2020

If you like games and advertising, this is the site for you. You can play the fun game, but also easily advertise in all the participating traffic exchanges. We also offer focused website advertising without distraction in the Food Game, and you can build downlines in unlimited levels in all the participating traffic exchanges.

The Food Game is a free game which you can play while surfing in many of the best traffic exchanges online. They are great for increasing website traffic, and with the addition of this game it becomes more fun! You are a chef, searching for recipes and ingredients to cook.

"What's the difference between a free and upgraded user?"

Upgraded members get more ingredients, gold, cooking class tickets and cooking vouchers from claiming the prize pages in the participating traffic exchanges. They also get 500 bonus credits monthly and have the ability to claim 3 cooking vouchers from viewing ads in the Food Game daily, instead of 1. You can see the entire claim specification list on the Compare member levels page under the Upgrade menu.

Get Started in Two Easy Steps

  1. Join the Food Game via ths link... https://foodgame.surf/?rid=84 
  2. After you sign up, start the Game Tutorial to learn all about the Food Game. The game will come up in the top surfbar while surfing in the participating sites. Just click the game icon (chef hat) to play the game and start cooking some delicious recipes!

BONUS: For those who LOVE to cook...

The Food Game not only have you cooking in the game. All the recipe are included with full instruction. I love Indian and Mexican food and have tried several of their easy-to-follow recipes. Bon appetit! 

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