Create Multiple Incomes with Traffic Exchanges

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Posted on: 23rd May 2021

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Traffic Exchanges offer free signup. This makes them a popular advertising choice tool for many new online marketers, Purpose of this guide is to show:

  1. What to advertise in Traffic Exchanges (T.E.)? Anything that helps your audience (usually other marketers). They are doing the same as you, looking for low cost advertising. Therefore put things in from of them that helps them get what they want; maketing tools, money savers, more advertising, etc.
  2. When to upgrade? When you find your time is more valuable doing other things for your bisiness.
  3. Use unique TE features to create multiple income streams.
  4. Start earning money from day 1. If you setup as laid out, you will earn to view ads and when some signs up to one of you free offers, or upgrades.



  1. All sites listed are FREE to join. I am an affiliate for each of these sites. I show you the full referral link so you know what yours will look like.
  2. You are under no obligation to upgrade. Only upgrade when it makes good business sense for you. Do the FREE signups at a minimum so you can follow along. You don’t have to upgrade to earn commissions.. It involves more effort and lower commissions, but it is doable.



  1. Crypto Tab Browser is a Chrome based browser that mines bitcoin. Don’t get excited yet. You only earn a few Shitoshis per day. You have the potential to generate a good income by SHARING your link with others. Install Crypto Tab Browser via this link


  1. Gizmoh Connect is a ‘reciprocity network’. You get rewards (points, discounts, cash) for your participation. Get rewards for every transaction, ride-shre, social post, or trip booked. Also, you stay in control of your info. About 90% of revenue is distributed to the network. PayPal, Uber, Facebook, or Expedia won’t do that. Join Gizmoh Connect via this link


  1. Honeygain is a passive income generator. Join via this link


  1. 12 Second Commute, a list building tool suite, has been online since 2009. I’ve used 12SC to build and manage my email list and blog since 2013. Signup for a FREEmium account via this link


When you join 12SC, you will create a URL rotator. This will allow you to use one link to rotate each of your referral sites. To get the point across, look at the following picture that shows 5 site links (4 + an optional splash page). View URL’s contained in the rotator (try it - do it 4-6 times to rotate through all the URL's)



Via the link below, take the 5 minutes to watch the video; then continue to signup.

When you verify your email and login, add your rotator. To do so, go to GET EXPOSURE >> Promote Pages. Add and test your rotator. You can surf and earn on up to 100 ad views as a free member. As always, upgraded members can earn significantly more; up to 80% commissions.



Via the link below, signup.


When you verify your email and login, add your rotator. To do so, go to WEBSITE EXCHANGE >> Follow onscreen instructions. Add and test your rotator. You can surf (and earm $0.0006 per ad view x 50 = $0.03) up to 50 sites per day as a free member. 


Want to earn more? You can get paid up to 200 adviews ($0.12/day). Click the link below to watch 2 minute video….


Need a crypto wallet for your bitcoin? I recommend Coinpayments. You can signup via this link


Join the following Traffic Exchanges and add your rotator to each one. Take the time to learn the uniqueness of each site. I choose these sites for the same reason I chose topsurfer and Infinity Traffic Boost, over surfing is discouraged. This helps to get you better resukts.




Don’t forget to verify your email and add your rotator. All of the above TE’s can be surfed together in your CryptoTab Browser. Recommend surfing 100-150 ads/day/site (about one hour). The five TE's above work well together in a multi-tab surf.


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