Make Tasty Root Mash Side Dish

The great thing about working from homeis that I get to pursue other interests. Its a early Saturday afternoon. Ispent a total of 20 minutes prepping and mailing my affiliateoffer. Doing my post now and prep my bird for baking (as per my Best Baked Turkey post). Thatsright, Im doing ... Read More ...
21st December 2013, 5:55pm

Very Berry Sause

Why the picture of cherries? Youll see. Traditionally,cranberry sauce (from a can arrrgh!) is served with the bird of honor(turkey, goose or duck). I have a couple variations on the traditional that youmay prefer.To make a very flavorful and healthier cranberry sauce, youneed the following ingredients:1 x 12oz bag ... Read More ...
20th December 2013, 9:22pm

Tips for Baking the Best Turkey Ever

As many prepare for the holidays, no doubt turkey is on their minds. Will it be overdone, underdone, too dry? If you have the honorable task of fixing the bird, cheer up. A good friend of mine elected me to bake the turkey this year by bringing one to my ... Read More ...
19th December 2013, 6:10pm

Working from Home Reduces Costs

I love working from home (I live right by Lake Ontario). I found it to be a great cost reducer on the household budget. How so? For starters, my transportation costs are next to zero. No drive cross Highway 401. No getting into accidents on the 401. No bus or taxi ... Read More ...
19th December 2013, 1:30am

I Live by the Beach Thanks to 12 Second Commute

I live Toronto, ON within a five minute 'walk' away from Kew Beach on Lake Ontario. Ok, it doesnt look like this today since we justgot about 15cm, about 6 inches for my American friends:) With the arrival ofthe winter season, I am even more grateful for my 12 second ... Read More ...
17th December 2013, 8:57pm

The Benefits of Using the Cloud

Moving to the cloud for any business is certainly bound to come with an array of merits. Cloud computing is after all becoming a mainstay of technology. Large companies have been able to achieve their goals by going in this direction. It is all about offloading and leaving the work ... Read More ...
3rd December 2013, 6:00pm

The Best Things In A Home Based Business Are Free

One of the biggest advantages for doing business on the internet is the low or no cost that is involved in starting and managing the business.  Take the place where you do business which is the site, your online store.  Most sites can be setup for free by a hosting ... Read More ...
3rd December 2013, 2:49am

Ojooo Paid-to-Click Advertising and Hosting Site

This PTC site is worth taking a look at........ Read More ...
16th November 2013, 4:23am

5 Easy Ways To Generate Low Cost Traffic

There is one hard and fast rule in generating income for your website: A steady flow of website traffic. If no one goes to your site, it hardly bares a chance of generating an income. Many sites have tried and failed in doing so, and these results to the sites ... Read More ...
12th November 2013, 2:24am

Listen to Damian Marley and Setup Shop

Many today are looking for a way to start their own business. Watch the video below, Add your email address to receive more info from our team..btn6{cursor:pointer;border:outset 1px #FFFFFF;color:#ffffff;height:31px;letter-spacing:1px;font-family: sans-serif, tahoma,sans-serif;font-size: 12px;font-weight:bold;padding: 1px 2px;background:url('') repeat-x left top; text-transform: uppercase;}* marked fields are mandatory. Email*First NameLast Name Read More ...
10th November 2013, 9:01pm



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