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The Ultimate Traffic System (just got better!)

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Posted on: 30th Oct 2014

I've been using the autopilot feature at Traffic Zipper for the last few weeks and during that time I've been getting leads and making sales in my sleep.For those that don't know...Traffic Zipper is an essential marketing tool which plugs into Viral List Builders and sends out your mailings on autopilot.

Since its launch a couple of years ago there's been a series of improvements to really make it stand out
as the No.1 traffic generation tool for anyone working online.
Traffic Zipper is integrated with the top 20 List Builders (based on actual performance AND user experience).
As you know, there are hundreds of List Builders on the market and deciding which ones to use can be a long (and very expensive) process.
Well now, the hard work has already been done for you! The team behind Traffic Zipper test 100's of different sites, so you don't have to. You'll only see the top 20 List Builders - and honestly, that's all you need.
The CTR data of each List Builder (Very Valuable!) is also displayed in the members area, and Traffic Zipper now gives you the opportunity to provide your own personal rating (which affects the site ranking).
With the opinions of over 18k members helping you to really dial in the top 4 or 5... now that's power!
Knowing where to spend your advertising budget has never been easier!
Traffic Zipper takes just a few minutes to setup, and once the autopilot feature is enabled you can literally walk away and make sales in your sleep.

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